Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Call It, 'The End'

My advice to anyone considering devoting a year and a half of their life to doing an unofficial blog (and Tumblr!) for a movie made by their heroes?


This has been an AMAZING experience! I got to visit DreamWorks. I got to sit and chat with two of my animation idols -- Chris Sanders and James Baxter. I met a number of other folks involved with The Croods who generously gave of their time and talents to help me with my blog. To name just a few: Kirk DeMicco, Margaret Wuller, Shane Prigmore, Steven MacLeod, Carter Goodrich, Daniel C. and Kris0ten. I also got to meet a TON of great people here on Tumblr and over on the blog, folks I NEVER would have met any other way.

An extra-special thanks to all of the regulars for reading this. You were a constant source of encouragement, links and inspiration. See you in the next blog!


  1. But...what about the DVD? The teasers? The extras? The commentary track? The trailers? The reviews? The "how does watching The Croods at home compare with watching it in the cinema" discussion? All the stuff I was looking forward to reading about here over the next few months? :-(

    I suppose I should just settle in and get ready for the two year hunt until I track down your next blog. Sigh. Still, this has been a good one. Your posts here have definitely enhanced my enjoyment of good art, as well as my appreciation of how cool fandom can be at its best.

    1. Re-connecting with you was one of the many GREAT and unexpected things to come out of this blog. I'm looking forward to finally meeting you face-to-face later this summer. It should be fun!

  2. By way of an addendum to my previous thought...consider keeping this blog handy, just in case one of those things I mentioned above -- or an announcement of The Croods 2: 2 Live Crood -- inspires you to add a new post somewhere down the line. After all, a good pal of mine does an entire blog devoted to M*A*S*H even though at this point I've almost given up hope we'll ever see any new episodes...

  3. whoa!!!
    am I too late to say goodbye??
    I just took a break from blogging for like 2 months and whoa

    man i'm gonna miss your smart talk and your golden comedy!
    you are an awesome perfect talented guy and my favorite blogger!!!

    are you still gonna be on tumblr though?

    1. Thanks so much for all of your kind words and encouragement, Raghda. And don't think I've forgotten about that HUGE post you did for me full of screengrabs from the second trailer. It was WONDERFUL!