Friday, May 31, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Chunky the Death Cat has become the multicolored muse for a multitude of Croods fan artists. Shown below are a few of my favorite portraits of the furry, feral feline.

These three(!) DELIGHTFUL digital depictions of Chunky are all from the same amazing artist: USMC-Raven. Her work ethic -- and range of skills -- certainly puts mine to shame. To view more of USMC's art, click here and here.

Check out the ADORABLE smile on JadeWolfbane's sleeping Chunky. You can almost hear him purring as he dreams of large balls of yarn and tasty, tar-covered piranakeets. To see more of JadeWolfbane's art, click here.

This last one's from a gal by the name of Tabbytooner, and it's a sweet one. SUPER SWEET. Thank your lucky stars that our eyes don't get cavities, or we'd all be visiting the optomedentist in the morning. To view more of Tabbytooner's cartooning, click here.

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  1. How cool! Thanks for sharing this piece! Awesome blog :)