Friday, May 24, 2013

Fan Art Friday

This week's fan art is the work of one VERY talented artist, AriellaMay. I posted a pic of hers a while back (the Chunky and Stitch sketch re-posted below), and was casually browsing her deviantART account again recently when I noticed that she'd done MORE Chunky pics -- LOTS more. And they were are SO COOL! How could I possibly resist posting them? Answer: I could not.

Here it is. Chunky and Stitch. The drawing that first brought AriellaMay's art to The Croods blog. Holds up nicely, doesn't it?

Up next: Toothless and Chunky! Hiccup and Eep! Okay, so not only has AriellaMay mastered ALL of Chris Sanders' critters, she's rubbing it in our faces that she draws HUMANS perfectly, too. IT'S NOT FAIR!

Aw, this one's sweet. A solo Chunky. Waitaminute -- where did that feather come from? And where is the critter it used to be attached to? And why does Chunky's belly look so full?!

Something tells me we are now short one bearowl.

I think I saved the best for last, don't you? AriellaMay's delightful 'run cycle' for Chunky. SO, SO CUTE!

To see more of AriellaMay's art, click here.

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