Friday, May 10, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Fan art comics! I love fan art comics! Heck, I've even MADE fan art comics! (Wanna see 'em? Click here, here, here and here. SHAMELESS!) I am sooo happy to see my fellow Croods fans using their impressive skills to make comics. If you feel the same, click the artists' links and let 'em know!

Guy's fans are gonna LOVE this super-cute comic by 0Enigma13. Not only does it showcase the character's sweetness and silliness, it gives a definitive answer to that age old question: Boxers or briefs?

To see more of 0Enigma13's art, click here.

Next up, more humiliation-based hilarity! In Pawprints & Snowflakes' beautifully drawn comic strip, it's Eep who is causing Guy the embarrassment -- and all because he wanted to kiss her! Poor Guy. This is just not his day. :(

To see more of Pawprints & Snowflakes' art, click here.

Last up, a rather somber comic by Avanna K. This sad, silent, tone poem illustrates Guy's tragic back-story. Gosh darn you, Avanna -- you nearly made me cry!

To see more of Avanna K's art, click here.

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