Friday, May 3, 2013

Fan Art Friday

There's something so special about a quick, loose, pencil sketch. There's an energy -- a MAGIC -- to it that seldomly survives the 'clean up' process, never mind the inking and coloring. What makes a speedy scrawl look so much more ALIVE than a carefully constructed, clean-lined cartoon? What is it is it about a hurried sketch that inspires giant leaps in artistic growth and innovation, while an analytical attention to craft can be crippling? The dashed-off drawing is an artistic enigma. It's entirely illogical that an act of unselfconscious spontaneity could create a masterpiece, yet it happens again and again.

Walt Disney figured this out years ago. In Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston's book, The Illusion of Life, the animation legends wrote, "Walt encouraged his animators to work in a rough, free style because of the vitality it gave their work." This "vitality" that Walt adored is apparent in each of today's fan art submissions. Enjoy!

Via comicide:

I recently saw The Croods with the family. That scenery ;u; 

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Via DopeyNinja:

This is one of the amazing animals from the movie The Croods. Which was way better than I thought it would be. :3 if you are reading this and like cartoons that are cute and funny you should go see it.

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Via shaynaclaw:

The animals from Croods are so f**king cool

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