Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coming Soon: A Croods TV Show!

Commenter and fan artist Michael Martinez sent me this exciting news yesterday:

Just found out on Wikipedia that DreamWorks has plans to make a Croods TV animated series in the same vein as other DWA TV series spun-off from popular films.

Pretty cool, eh? A quick dig around the internet revealed this exchange from DreamWorks' recent Q1 Earnings stockholder phone call:

Michael Corty: With The Croods as now your sixth franchise...what changes would you anticipate in how you monetize this asset...given your recent emphasis on...licensing and...television opportunities?

Jeffrey Katzenberg: Well, I think like the franchises before it, that's -- one of the things that comes is there's lots of things for us to do with the IP outside of feature films and we actually have a number of those in the works. So I think you can anticipate there will be a TV show.

Boom! There you have it, right from the boss' mouth. But for those of you in need of a little further proof, here's a link to DW's trademark application for a Croods TV show. Looks like this thing is a go!

1 comment:

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