Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chris Sanders Sketches: Mulan

Fun fact: Chris Sanders worked as head of story on Disney's Mulan.

Not-so-fun fact: There ain't much of Sander's Mulan-related artwork available in books or on the internet.
Fun fact: Most of what is available are storyboards. 12 out of 13, to be exact. This is actually pretty great, as the art in Sanders' storyboards is better than the art found in most finished cartoons.

F**k yeah fact: The one piece of art that is not a storyboard (a.k.a. the final sketch in this post, the one of the adult, head-holding Mulan) wasn't even made during the production of the film. It was a gift from Sanders to cartoonist Tom Bancroft. And it's STUNNING. ICONIC. All-caps AMAZING. You ask me, that pic alone justifies this entire post.

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