Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Thoughtful Review from The Express Tribune

It's been a while since I've read a Croods review that stressed themes and emotions over CG and 3D. Samra Aamir's piece in the Pakistani paper, The Express Tribune, is one such review. Pasted below are the first three paragraphs of her insightful piece:

In theory we want our children to grow up to be fearless and adventurous. We wish we had a little more spunk and didn’t scare so easy ourselves. A film like The Croods reminds us of those noble aspirations in a time when the instinct of Pakistani parents to protect their children keeps them from discovering the world.

At the centre of this animated 3D comedy is the feisty broad-faced girl Eep (Emma Stone), whose character is worlds apart from the stereotype of the slender heroine with a well-coiffed do. Eep’s thirst for adventure sets her at odds with her father Grug (Nicholas Cage) who puts safety at the top of his family’s needs — no one leaves the cave or does anything new.

As history has taught us, this philosophy of life worked in prehistoric times, which has been lusciously recreated by the team at DreamWorks who worked with writer-directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DiMicco. The problem is that your comfort zone can become a cage.

"Your comfort zone can become a cage." Great line, eh?

To read Aamir's full review, click here.

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