Monday, April 22, 2013

Wanna Win A Copy Of The Croods Comic Book?

'Tis easy as pie. To enter, simply WRITE SOMETHING -- ANYTHING -- IN THE COMMENTS SECTION of this post. A winner will be randomly chosen on 4/28 at 11:59pm. It could be you!


  1. For my entry, i decided to talk about 2 of my favorite scenes from the film. And that would be the Jungle scene. When The Croods landed in the jungle, after they escape the Bearowl and Grug counts everyone and he discovered the Gran is missing and He thinks the Bearowl had already eaten her. Which causes him to smile, But out of nowhere Gran lands on the Ground and Grug frowns. XD And for the second scene is where Grug and Guy thinking a way out of the tar, So they made a Female Macawnivore Puppet Which gets the attention of Chunky, who trys to save the "Female" out of the tar. As he pulls the puppet. Grug and Guy hold on to it, and they were pulled and were freed from the Tar and Chunky looks at the puppet and discovers its a fake. And Belt sings his trademark "Dun Dun Da!" And the Macawnivore trys to attack Grug and Guy but a Piece of tar got stuck to his behind, And launches him away like a slingshot.

  2. Oh, amazing giveaway :D You didn't say anything about it being US only.. so I'm hoping I can enter; live in Norway :) I've been waiting to see The Croods for months now. And tomorow I finally can, since my city is getting it in English for one day only :D Cannot wait. <3
    Love, Carina

  3. I'd love to have this comic for the cover alone. Looks great!

    I also wish there were a better way for me to identify myself in these posts other than subscribing to an ID system that I don't want to use. For some strange reason, Google has me listed as "Unknown". While I used that as a band name back in 1970 (!), that's not my name. "I'm a person, just like you!" My name's Mark.

    1. No worries! Check the comments of this post on 4/29. I'll reveal the winner's name here. If you are chosen, just email me your postal address.

    2. Congratulations, Unknown! You won the Croods prequel comic book! Please email me your postal address so's I can begin processing your mega-fantastic-super-ultra-prize. NOTE: The comic doesn't come out 'til May 14, so expect it sometime around then. :)

  4. Hi

    The croods became an instant favourite when I saw it. I especially liked the scene where Eep climbs up the wall to look at the sunset. It was short but powerful.