Monday, April 1, 2013

Wanna Get Some Autographs & Exclusive Art?

Chris Sanders has the answer:

"For those of you in the Los Angeles area, venture out to Gallery Nucleus on Saturday, April 6th to meet some of the swell artists involved in creating The Croods! There will be a Q&A session and you can get your Art of The Croods book signed, too. Cool!"

As for the 6,969,918,731 unlucky earthlings NOT living in the Los Angeles area, Gallery Nucleus has you covered, too! For a limited time, Gallery Nucleus is offering a couple of EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED EDITION, AUTOGRAPHED PRINTS that can be ordered online.

The first is an 18 x 26 giclee re-print of the third teaser poster. Designed by Steven MacLeod and CG'd by Paul Duncan, this critter-cramped cavalcade remains one of my favorite Croods images to this day. It can be ordered for $50 here

This next image is brand new to me, but the artist should be familiar to our regular readers. Margaret Wuller's Mushroom Moment is an exuberant, eye-catching and imagination-inspiring CG painting of an as-yet-unseen moment from the film. Will this scene end up in the DVD extras? Howzabout the sequel? Your guess is as good as mine. But for $50, it'll fer-damned-sure hang on your wall. You can order it here.

Thanks to Sarah Smith for the tip!

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