Friday, April 19, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Via sky665:

Saw The Croods again today. Remembered what first told me how I knew this was going to be a good movie. 

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Via Killigan Krunch:

Sorry about the fanfart, I kinda had to. This movie was a lot of fun!

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Via Nightlight-Vixin:

EEEeee~ My first Guy and Eep fanart, FINISHED.

This one was…incredibly challenging since their designs are so neat. The shape of their faces and Eep’s wonderfully unique physique is going to take some getting used to but it was so fun!
Took a bit longer because I coloured it differently than usual. :3

and Eep hair! It’s so pouffy!

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 Via Sam King:

Oh my gosh guys, GO SEE THE CROODS. I have never been so pleasantly surprised by a film. It’s laugh out funny and heartwarming. I cried once or twice. Go see it in theaters!!!

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  1. It's just getting stupid how many unbelievably great artists there are out there. Where are they all coming from? Was the human race always so full of great artists and we just never knew it until the Internet made them easy to discover? I bet it was.

    1. No, I totally know what you mean! One of the greatest things about the internet -- y'know, other than providing a voice for the voiceless, offering instant and unfiltered news coverage, and creating a global community un-tinged by governmental gobbledygook -- is that it's given us access to the millions of "unbelievably great artists...out there."

      The other day I was watching Jaws and thought, 'Can you imagine the insane fan art that this movie must've inspired?' I wish, wish, WISH kids had access to iPads and scanners back then!