Friday, April 12, 2013

Fan Art Friday

This vibrant portrait of Chunky comes courtesy of Kiwiboob. I l-o-v-e the way Kiwiboob subtly bleeds her colors into one another, making your vision blur as your heart melts. That wide smile...that confident tilt of the head...that upward curl of the tail...every bit of this drawing was perfectly conceived for MAXIMUM CUTENESS! The Japanese invented a word specifically for stuff like this. That word is 'KAWAII.'

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This next example of all-caps CUTE comes from Zeaeevee. It's easily my favorite interpretation of the mousephant thus far! It looks like an illustration from one of those lovely, 1940s Little Golden Books, yet is also reminiscent of the classic cartooning that adorned the Knock Down Dolls (a.k.a. 'Punks') in the fairgrounds of old. The shy, smiling pose and large, black eyes only enhance this mousephant's antique aura and UNDENIABLE ADORABLENESS. Delightful!

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Oh, dear. This one's a heart-breaker, innit? Mia's Eep is so full of charm and personality, it brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Just look at that pose. The way Eep is holding her own hand? ENDEARING. The way she's balancing her body on her tippy toes? INSPIRED. The way her head is slightly lowered, yet her eyes and eyebrows are raised in such a way that accentuates her shy smile? ENCHANTING. And then there's the hair and the freckles and the solid copper eyes and the slightly reddened nose and the blue word bubble that just says, "EEP!"? Honestly, what's NOT to love?

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  1. Now that is Eep. Agreed on both of the other selections as well. The art offerings you've been showing here have consistently blown away any pejorative connotation of the term "fan art." These are talented artists who happen to be fans of something, and who do their source of inspiration justice through first rate work. Let anyone who would dismiss it as "just fan art" slink away in shame when faced with all this excellence.