Friday, April 5, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Via Colonelbug:
some eep doodles plus guy
a perfect example of how inconsistent i am
laughs cos its past midnight and i have to get up at 5

Via AriellaMay:
If only Toothless were here! All the Chris Sanders critters in one pic would be epic! Too bad I ran out of space before I got to him.

I finally saw The Croods (just got back from the theater actually!) and I have to say it really lived up to my expectations! I have a feeling Chunky, as I now know he's called, will be showing up more in my doodles, if that's even possible. I promise I'll try to draw something else soon!

As for Stitch...well, seeing as it's really my first time drawing him, I think he came out rather well.

Via spriinkola:
I really liked Guy.
His hair is so hard to draw. Idk why I drew him bleeding. My hand slipped.


  1. hey juosh!
    did you see this new kia car commercial with the croods?

    it's really cute!

    1. Not this one, no. Thanks for forwarding me the tip! (And you nailed it, kid -- it is REALLY CUTE!)