Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chris Sanders & Nic Cage On: The Sequel!

Embedded above is a small section of the looong Croods cast and crew press conference held at the Berlinale Film Festival this past February. The first question?

Could this be the start of another franchise for DreamWorks? Could the story continue? Could we see the Croods again?

Chris Sanders: Oh, golly. You know what? The nature of this film was a road trip. The most important change that goes on in this is the change within the characters' family. And so to get them to go through that change, we could take them almost anywhere we wanted because it's all, the most important changes are internal. So this, of all the films I've ever worked on, this was the most heavily storyboarded and written film. We have -- I can't even tell you how many sequences we didn't really end up putting in the film. So if we did have to make another one, we could glue it together with lots of spare parts right now. We have lots of good stuff left over.

Nic Cage: Yes, I would like to see another adventure with the Croods.

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