Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Arthur Fong's 'Time For A Story'

Via Artistic Fong:

"Like most people, I was very surprised when I found out I would be spending the summer as an art intern at DreamWorks Animation working on the next Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco movie, The Croods. Little did I know, the team consisted of some of THE most talented artist at DreamWorks... maybe even the industry! What could they possibly need me for?!

As I sat in my cube, painting a surfacing call-out on a piece of fur cloth, I started to analyze where I may be able to find the opportunity to show what I can offer. We had HUNDREDS of environment paintings and each day everyone was cranking out more and more. I began to notice we didn't have any simple moments of just closeups of our characters. So I decided to do a quick painting on my own time to see how our characters could be lit in a realistic setting. What started out as just an exercise for myself, caught the eye of our production designer, Christophe Lautrette. And I was very lucky to have Christophe like it enough to bring it up in our meeting with the directors and producers. They loved it. And immediately after that meeting, I was given much larger responsibilities and more important assignments (but still a lot of fur call outs that need to be done).

I am not 100%, but I have a feeling this is one of the few paintings that really helped me become full time at the studio."

To read more of Fong's Croods anecdotes -- and see lots more of his art -- click here!

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