Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wanna Win A Copy Of The Art of The Croods?

It's easy! Titan Books is using this blog as the middleman for hooking one lucky Croods fan up with a copy of the book. To enter, simply open the comments section of this post and tell me ONE REASON you're looking forward to seeing The Croods. That's all it takes! A winner will be randomly chosen Sunday night at 11:59pm. IT COULD BE YOU!

NOTE: Due to the large and heavy nature of this beautiful book, I can only ship to U.S. residents. Is this a subtle form of xenophobia, or a frank acknowledgement of my flailing country's failed economy? YOU DECIDE.

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  1. I'm interested in this film, due to the fact that several of the bizarre and strange creatures included seem to be rendered off of Chris Sanders' design sensibilities.

    If one has seen Sanders' work over the years, one knows that he has a strange and sometimes 'bulbous' sense of character styling.

  2. I have been waiting for the next release of Chris Sanders work for what feels like the Stone Age. For so long I've been glued to the web looking for any little piece I could find about The Croods. Anyone that will listen to me has been graced with a mini biography of Chris Sanders and The Crioods. The Croods is filled with such creativeness and originality and has a amazing cast. I've saved up for so long to fly to San Diego to go to Comic Con with the only reason to meet Chris Sanders. His work has helped me deal with a ongoing medical illness and when things have looked bleak its Stitch, Toothless, and now the many characters of The Croods that keep me smiling.

  3. I do wanna know how insanely creative can we get on the pre historical theme!


  5. The Reason I want to see The Croods is The Creatures, I loved how DreamWorks and Chris Sanders Design all them including the Macawnivore.

  6. The main reason why I want to see The Croods is because of the animation. It's pretty obvious that DreamWorks these days have been creating some beautifully animated movies (Like RoTG, HTTYD, etc). The first moment we see Eep in the trailers is so detailed. There's dust and dirt and everything in her hair and on her face. And the giant tiger. My god that is possibly one of the most beautiful fictional creature ever.

  7. My reason is that Chris Sanders is at the helm of the project; and I'm a big fan of his work.

    Best regards! :-)

  8. I was looking forward to The Croods because I heard from film critics that this animated feature would surpass all animated works in 2012. Then I went to the advanced screening at Regal LA Live this morning and I was totally amazed, even with such high expectation. Attention to details and the imagination of all the creators are unbelievable. I would recommend this movie to everyone and I am going to watch it again! I am a big fan of collecting The Art of XXX book. I have one book of Kung Fu Panda and one of Rise of the Guardians. I really really want this one! The art work in The Croods is super amazing! Wish me luck! My E-mail address is Let me know if I become lucky!

  9. Ju-osh said: I rec'd this email and agreed to post it here.

    Hi, my name is Kendra M****, I've been following your blog since I received a message from you on deviantart about my Macawnivore drawings. I've been trying for several days to submit a comment entry to win a copy of the book but it doesn't seem to be letting me. I'm guessing it is the fact that I am on my iphone but currently that is my only Internet access. The comment I was going to submit is as follows:

    I recently graduated with a BFA in graphic design and animation, so naturally I have a huge love for animation, great stories, and great design. I have always loved Chris Sanders' style and it continues to inspire me. How To Train Your Dragon is still one of my all time favorites for the wonderful and unique story, great character design, and the attention to detail in everything is just amazing and beautiful. So naturally when I heard about The Croods (well over a year ago) I became incredibly excited to see yet another beautiful and imaginative world full of incredible characters and creatures. Everyone who know me knows I am obsessed with the Macawnivore! As a way of continuing my learning process, I rely on a large variety of art books as inspiration, my favorites being the Art Of books as they show a large variety of artwork from every stage of the animation process, in a large variety of different Artist's styles. So naturally the Art of The Croods will be a must have for my growing collection, and I am greatly looking forward to its release, along with the movie too (of course!).

    I don't know if you are willing to take that as a submission (or could post it for me) but I figured it was worth a try to e-mail you.

    Thanks for sharing all the great Croods stuff!

  10. ...I can't see 'em in a theatre...I'm old, crippled, can't sit that long and I'm stuck in a med-bed. ...'t least w/a book...I can read about 'em just th' same...hope all do well...
    Especially those who sweat and worry over and in the art...