Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Countdown(s) Continue

Perhaps you've noticed the Croods countdown clock on the right side of this blog. When I embedded it two months ago, it seemed like a great idea. Now I hate it. Watching that thing slowly ticking away the hours...the minutes...the seconds... IT'S MASOCHISTIC!

Then, the other day, DreamWorks dropped a huge Croods logo in front of Stonehenge. Now I have the world's most famous alien clock/calendar counting down to The Croods. This has -- of course -- only added to my anxiousness and anticipation.

So I figure, why not throw all sanity to the wind and add a THIRD countdown to mix? A countdown of Croods-related links! It's a waste of time (like watching that countdown clock), and it's hastily assembled (like Stonehenge), but hey -- at least it fits in.

10.'s The First 10 Minutes of The Croods (the game, NOT the film)

9. Wired Magazine's 9 Reasons to See The Croods

8.'s awkwardly titled 8 Clips from The Croods Featuring the Voices

7. Funny Or Die's 7 Things About Nic Cage (That Remind Us Why We Love Nic Cage)

6. The OFFICIAL Croods Facebook page's The Croods Survival Tip #6

5. The Norfolk Daily News' 5 animated films attached to Chris Sanders

4. Yahoo News' 5 things you probably didn't know about Neanderthals (Skip thing #1, it's hella creepy. That leaves only '4 things you probably didn't know...' and that fits my needs PERFECTLY!)

3. The recently released The Croods in 3D movie poster

2. My 2 part interview with Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco

1. My very 1st post on this here blog

Now, quick -- look at the countdown clock. How much time has passed?

Not nearly enough?

I totally agree.

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