Thursday, March 28, 2013

Richard Bensam Just Got Back From Seeing The Croods!

When noted comic book critic Richard Bensam decided to follow-up my "scrambled thoughts" review with one of his own, I knew I had to add it to the main page. I mean, this is the guy who put together the DEFINITIVE collection of essays on Alan Moore's masterpiece, Watchmen. And now he's left a Croods review in the comments section of my ENTIRELY UNOFFICIAL blog? I'd be a fool NOT to make a post out of it!

So here it is. Richard Bensam on The Croods:

You have no idea how long the past five days were. Well, unless you own a calendar, in which case you could make an informed guess. But it wasn't until today that I finally saw the film and can resume reading this blog without feeling guilty as if I was reading it under false pretenses.

To add to your observations [...], there were some things that surprised me even after all the advance coverage. For one thing, the characters were all better actors than I was expecting, in the animation sense of the word. So much of the narrative was sold through their utterly convincing facial expressions. We've never seen this much subtlety of performance in a computer animated film before. Forget the Uncanny Valley; the whole cast jumps over it and reaches the other side with no problem.

Another thing I wasn't expecting was how strongly the film endorses learning and exploration and scientific inquiry. It's not the slightest bit equivocal on that point: the film says, our world can and must be understood, survival depends on learning about the world and how it works and inventing ways of coping with it. It would have been so easy for a dumber film to give Guy a comeuppance, to have him be a smartass who "learns the error of his ways" and comes to follow the alpha male in a cautionary tale about not getting arrogant. There are loads of films like that, and in other hands this might have been one of them. But it isn't. Guy is not the stupid person's idea of what a smart person is like. If anything, he's the smart person's idea of what he or she wants to be like. He's not condescending, he's full of excitement and just wants to share these amazing things in his head with other people.

Also, while Guy has been thinking about this stuff longer so he's ahead of the others, his conception of the world is flawed too (like his disappointment when they fail to reach the sun) and the others aren't far behind him once they've seen his example. It's not some elitist story about a know-it-all genius surrounded by morons. All of them have the potential to learn and be smarter if they're willing to try. I'm cool with kids getting that message.

Damn you, Richard Bensam. You one-upped me on my own turf. I feel like the Grug to your Guy. That said, I certainly do appreciate the review. Thank-you for sharing it!

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  1. Aw, you big lug. I'm blushing here.

    I wouldn't say I was a comic book critic, because it's been many years since I wrote any reviews. I'm more of a comic book industry critic, in that I like to stop people on the street and rant at them about the evils of publishers and corporations. I've edited writing by some amazingly good critics, though.

    I thought of one other point to add to the above! Furthering the theme of depicting intellect in a positive way, how great is it that the basis of Eep's fondness for Guy is that she likes the way he thinks. It's not about him being cute or manly or anything like that; she likes his ideas. And by the same token, part of his attraction to her is her strength and ability. Her being strong and capable and taking the lead when appropriate is never once presented as a liability or even an issue. That's another message kids deserve to get.

    1. Keep adding to this as the thoughts appear in your brain. Mishka and I saw it a week ago, and we are STILL batting ideas around!

  2. IM BACK!!!!! 8D Just saw The Croods today at my local Cinemark Movie theater in Provo. And By God, This movie is Awesome! I really hope DreamWorks Animation makes a Sequel in the future.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! I mean, I kinda thought you would, but maybe I'm partial.

      Oh, and I totally agree -- AWESOME!