Monday, March 18, 2013

One Contest Ends, Another Begins

You didn't win The Art of The Croods, and now you're bummed. Angry. Ready to lash out at the nearest unofficial Croods blogger for unintentionally passing you by. You have every right to feel this way. It's an AMAZING book, after all. A three pound, one-stop resource for well-written and gorgeously reproduced Croods info and artwork. It's the ideal bit of reference material for serious Croods completists and casual Croods fans alike. I mean, seriously -- it retails for $35, and YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN IT FOR FREE! But c'mon, it's not like it's the end of the world, right?

[INSERT: Belt's ubiquitous "Da-da-daaaaaah!" here.]

I'll tell you what. Howzabout I immediately give away something else? Would that make you feel better? I bought a pack of those small, plastic, Croods critters a while back that I never opened. Would you like to win those? While they're not nearly as notable as The Art of The Croods, try and think of this as an opportunity to boost your wounded pride, to reassure your injured ego, and to prove to the world that you are indeed ONE LUCKY SONUVB*TCH.

Even if it is only by winning a distant...distant...DISTANT pseudo-second prize.

Have I gotten you appropriately excited?

To enter, TYPE ANYTHING in the comments section of this post.

This contest ends at midnight on 3/22/13. U.S. residents only. Enter as many times as you'd like. Fingers crossed!

Note: This contest has ended.


  1. Since its March and Croods Prehistoric Party comes out tomorrow and The Movie is coming out on Friday I decided for my Contest entry is to talk about when I first heared about the Movie. Back in 2012 when I first heared of the Croods, I thought it was going to a Flinstones-like cartoon where the Croods lived with DInosaurs and other creatures. But when I heared that the movie takes place in a fictional time period know as the Croodaceous Period, Oh! Thats cool, I wonder if the movie would have Fictional Prehistoric species and I went to Wikipedia and I found the first poster showing the Croods on a cliff and theres a Macawnivore on there tail, And I actually thought the Macawnivore was going to a Macaw-colored Smilodon with tusks, But i cought a picture of the entire Croodaceous fauna on DreamWorks animation's facebook page and All of the animals were hybrids of many modern and Prehistoric species. And Chirs Sanders ( he did HTTYD and Lio and Sitch) and Kirk DeMicco (Space Chimps) were Directing the film for DWA. And I was like, "So, When the trailer coming out?, I think this DreamWorks best film from the 2010 decade since Puss in Boots." So I waited for months and months and after when it was annouced that DreamWorks scored a 5 year distrubtion deal with Fox and annouced that the trailer for Croods will be coming out in October, I was extremly excited! So the days have past and it was October and I watched the trailer and I my reaction to it was "HOLY CRAP! THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!." after watching the trailer I decided to draw all of the creatures and post it on my Devaintart page and send it to DreamWorks Artists and Allot people loved how I drew all The Animals including the Macawnivore, Bearowl and others. A second Trailer Came out on December and gotta admit Belt's "Da-da-daaaaaah!" was really funny! It sounded like that Music that you would hear in Spongebob. And it did show new scenes of the Bearowl and Macawnivore. As more tv spots and trailers kept on coming and coming. I founded myself to be really excited for The Movie's release on March 22th and Prehistoric Party to come out in stores worldwide.

  2. I would LOVE a set of those! I am a collector of movie toys, some of my favorites being my full set of 12-inch How To Train Your Dragon action figures (The detail in those are amazing!) and my Mater trucks. So of course I would love to add some Croods stuff to my collection! Surrounding myself with things I love, such as toys, is great inspiration for me. I also make sure to always follow the theme from Toy Story 2: toys are meant to be played with! So while I don't have any of my own kids, there are still many kids in my life who are ALWAYS welcome to play with my collection of toys, which is part of the reason they always love to visit me at my house.

    -Kendra Meder

  3. My little cousins would love these. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kstewownsme at hotmail dot com