Tuesday, March 26, 2013

James Baxter Teaches YOU To Draw The Croods!

This is the sort of opportunity that animation fans only dream of. A series of one-on-one art lessons from James Baxter -- the pencil behind Belle! In this heaven-sent set of tutorials, Baxter takes you step-by-step through his drawing process for Eep, Grug, Gran, Guy, Ugga, Thunk and Belt.

That's right. You'll learn to draw SEVEN separate Croods characters from one of the most talented animators EVER. Even if you’re not planning to draw along, they're worth watching just to hear some art advice from an animation maestro.

Gather your pencils and paper, then click the 'Read More' link for the videos.

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Ugga
You know how I always refer to Baxter as 'The pencil behind Belle'? Well, check out the way that Baxter draws Ugga here. Her pose reminds me of that line from Belle, "With a dreamy far-off look..."

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Belt
Baxter was one of the defining artists of the 90s Disney renaissance. When it comes to drawing cute animal side-kicks, you couldn’t hope for a more qualified teacher!

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Guy

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Eep

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Grug

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Gran

The Croods Drawing Tutorial: Thunk


  1. I'm going to stick this comment here because it's about fan art and I don't want it to seem like I'm singling out any artist for criticism, because the fan art you've been sharing on this blog has been awesome. I just would like artists to take special note of the way James Baxter explains Eep in the video clip.

    It's so cool to see artists pushing themselves to capture Eep, but I can't help feeling some of them are still holding back and not drawing her wide and strong enough. We're overwhelmingly conditioned to think of a certain physique as the default for "cute girl" that artists want to draw. But Eep is fleshy with a wide, round face, her nose is short and her brow is heavy with almost no forehead. She's got wide shoulders and short legs. And she's freaking gorgeous. To be honest, I prefer the movie Eep over Chris Sanders' drawings of her.

    The more artists push themselves to draw Eep as she really is, the more they'll be tossing aside a lot of unhealthy body image crap and finding the beauty in real human bodies as well. How awesome would that be?

    1. Per the usual, I shall be re-blogging your interesting insights forthwith.

      Since reading your thoughts on The Croods, my gal Mishka (coincidentally, she used to co-own the bookstore that had the blog that first brought you and I together) has also become a fan of your brain. She's bookmarked your hibernating blog, and plans to explore it in-depth at some point this week. I've asked her to make a lot of noise and knock a bunch of stuff over while she's there. Perhaps together, she and I can wake the sleeping giant!