Monday, March 18, 2013

Howzabout We Just Lump All These Advertising Tie-Ins Into One Easily Avoidable Post?

There are a couple of cute gags in McDonalds' Croods-themed commercial, but the FUNNIEST MOMENT has to be when they show a kid who ordered MILK and an APPLE as part of his Happy Meal. Hilarious! Click here to view the ad.

The American Idol Top 10 showed off their shilling skills this past Thursday, shoehorning a group performance of Owl City and Yuna's Shine Your Way in between their usual covers of Whitney Houston and Journey. Click here for the unforced, unadulterated, heartfelt artistry.

Over in Egypt, Kia is using The Croods to push their new family car, the Carens. If using technologically ignorant cavemen as the spokespeople for a next-gen car seems a bit odd to you...well, you're not alone. Click here to view the equally odd, hastily-photoshopped commercial.

March is National Frozen Foods Month. As if that wasn't exciting enough, DreamWorks and the NFRA (National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association) are giving one lucky family a two night vacation and $1,000. While two nights isn't a long time, $1000 will certainly fill a freezer or two. Click here to enter, and have a happy National Frozen Foods Month!

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