Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hold On...Just A Little Longer...Almost There...


That's the day we finally get to see The Croods. I am SUPER EXCITED. For the past few days, I've noticed my left leg bouncing involuntarily whenever I'm reading some new Coods news. You know what that means? I'M FIENDING. How about you? Are you exhibiting any signs of out-of-control anticipation? Don't be embarrassed. It's EXHILARATING to get this wrapped up in waiting for something. And we're just the audience! Can you imagine the electricity in the air at DreamWorks? The mood must be MANIC.

First off, they've got the corporate concerns. 'What are the opening weekend estimates?' 'How are the foreign markets looking?' 'Has the film leaked to the internet yet?'

Marketing has its own laundry list of worries. 'How is it tracking among young males aged 14-24?' 'What's the Tumblr buzz among tween-aged girls?' 'Have we locked down the coveted transgender senior citizen market yet?'

Then there are the creative uncertainties. Starting with Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco and fanning outwards in every possible direction, you've got the very basic, very real worries of 'Will folks go see it?' 'Will those folks like it?' and 'Is our movie really as good as we think it is?'

We've all sat through the closing credits of an animated feature while waiting for the not-so-secret bonus scene at the end. Try and imagine even HALF of those names as actual people fidgeting furiously in their ergonomic office chairs, gnawing on their fingernails and lower lips, anxiously awaiting the world's response to a film that they have devoted YEARS of their lives to. Hell, expecting mothers only carry their babies for nine months, and you know how precious and protective they are about them. Artists are even more tired, irritable and emotionally unstable. The Croods crew must be going NUTS!

Me? I'm just eager. And excited. And a little greedy. While I have zero financial stake in the final outcome (or income) of The Croods, I definitely have some...well, 'emotional investments' that I would like to see yield a return. I mean, I've spent the last thirteen months blogging about the film, anticipating the film and imagining the film. This has left me with some EXTREMELY heightened and self-centered expectations for the film. How extreme? Brace yourselves.

I'm hoping for an hour and a half of top quality cartoon comedy and adventure, complete with a handful of powerful emotional truths and one or two honest-to-God moments of personal revelation.

And that's not all!

I want to feel the adrenaline rush that you feel when a truly great movie ends, the one that forces you and your gal to run back into the lobby to buy two more tickets -- to the very next show -- so you can experience it all over again, a.s.a.p. I want to walk out of the theater unconsciously imitating Grug's lumbering slouch, Eep's effortless leaps and Sandy's feral snarl. I want to drive home with my head buzzing with new ideas, silly sight gags and endlessly repeatable one-liners. I want to be inspired by it. Affected by it. INFECTED by it. I want it to change my life forever and for the better.


I WARNED YOU that my expectations were a li'l extreme. But are they unreasonable? I'm not so sure.

After all, this is CHRIS SANDERS' NEW FILM. Chris Sanders is the whimsical wizard who created the capital-C Classic, Lilo & Stitch. The genial genius who left us in awe and awww with How To Train Your Dragon. And now he's got Kirk DeMicco sharing the director duties! The results should be TWICE as amazing, right?

Well, we'll know in one more day. Or twenty-four excruciatingly long and torturous hours, depending on your personal anticipation level and affinity for delayed gratification.


Awaiting The Croods: The Agony & The Ecstasy
Awaiting The Croods: Great Expectations


  1. I'm just disappointed that there's no midnight showing where I'm at, and even more disappointed that I have to wait until 7pm to see it tomorrow, unless I can convince my boss to let me go early and catch the 4:25 showing. And to top it off, I think I will have to dip into my savings just to afford the tickets, but it will be well worth it! I'm also hoping to get to see the new trailer for Despicable Me 2 again on the big screen. Ah yes, as soon as one comes out, the fanatics for the next one begins! I love animation!

    1. I feel your pain, sister: No midnight shows in my area, either. :(

      On the bright side...

      I will be posting a piece of Kendra's Croods fan art tomorrow! And it's a really, really good one! :)

  2. ahh time sure flies.... i'll see it soon! it takes a bit of time to arrive in my country (in the middle east)
    but the wait was really amusing with your blog :)

    you know...i really love your ramblings. me, all i could say about a movie is 'OMG ITS SO AWESOME I CANT WAIT LIKE I JUST ITS EPIC I- '' but just speak your mind... translate every animation extreme fan's mind with that vocabulary of yours. just perfect. you're awesome.

    1. raghda: You, Richard Bensam, M. Martinez and Commenter Bob have been the four most supportive commenters here. I really want to thank you for that. You were always super encouraging and we clearly share the "extreme fan" gene. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

    2. Just Got great news! My dad just bought 4 tickets for Croods at his job and i'm gonna see it Tomorrow! 8D and also The package you sent just recently arrived and I posted a special thank you video on Youtube :) (And I also send it to your account on Youtube as well.) and heres the link to the video [[]]

  3. I just got home from watching it. I had extremely high expectations and they were exceeded!!! Ill be watching it again several times this weekend!!!

  4. I can't believe how limited the merchandise is. Only item I've barely found was the Fisher Price toys. I've bought belt & chunky plushes off eBay and the lenticular poster. I really wish there were more options especially for adults. I learned the hard way with Stitch to buy as I see or you pay triple to eBay! Anyone know of anything more than what was blogged here not to long ago?

    1. I'll be dropping a post on Tuesday that answers this very question. Consider it dedicated to YOU!

    2. As I think you are already awesome thanks for all your info!