Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guess Who's Going To Meet Chris Sanders & Kirk De Micco For A SECOND TIME?

(If you guessed ME, well, it was pretty obvious, wasn't it? Still, good on you, Sherlock!)

Yes, at the end of this week I will be meeting the co-directors of The Croods for the SECOND TIME. For what it's worth, I plan to be much less nervous this go-round.


I plan to ask much better questions.

(Double ha!)

I plan to smile more, so that my face's default 'angry eyes' do not cause any confusion as to my delight over the opportunity.

(Triple ha!)

But most of all -- and trust me, I totally realize how selfish this sounds -- I PLAN TO ASK FOR A SKETCH OF STITCH!

(No ha's. Not even half a ha. This is my dorky destiny, my Mission: Possible. I cannot -- nay, I will not -- fail again!)

If you read even one chapter of my long and winding 'Dream Trip to DreamWorks' piece, you know that the first time I met Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco, I was hella starstruck. How starstruck? My #1 dream when I started this blog thirteen months ago was to somehow, someway meet Chris Sanders so that I could (1.) tell him how much his films have meant to me, and (2.) ask him for a sketch of Stitch.

Guess who completely forgot to do either of these things?

(If you guessed ME, well, don't quit your day job to become a private detective, that's all I'm saying. Still, nice work Rockford!)

That's why THIS TIME, I plan to have a pencil and paper on hand at all times. I'll keep repeating my two dreams over and over in my head like some kind of me-me-me mantra so as not to forget them. I may even scribble a weird symbol on the back of my hand to remind me. Oh, but then I'd probably just sweat it off...


Anyhow, I have a bunch of questions prepared, but IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU'D LIKE ME TO ASK THEM, PLEASE PUT THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. I'll gladly act as your mouthpiece. In fact, it'd be my honor.


  1. I just sent a few hypothetical questions to you in an e-mail. I can't imagine you'll need them, but I thought I'd offer some just in case one serves as a springboard for a better one.

    1. I'll definitely be using your last two questions, the ones about Chris' art and Kirk's interactions with John Cleese. Thanks for sending them. Knowing me, I'll get super nervous and race through all my questions before I've used up even half of my allotted time. A backlog of questions will surely help!