Friday, March 8, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Here's a first for our Fan Art Fridays -- Croods crochet! These crush-worthy crafts were created by Sarai (a.k.a. Kira-Kat). The first time I saw a photo of Sarai's Crispy Bear, I knew I had to track her down and ask her if we could post a picture of it here. You can imagine my delight when I found her deviantART account -- and her adorable mousephants!

The description for her Crispy Bear read:

I've been working on some plushies at work for our next movie promotion, The Croods. This is Crispy Bear, or well, a cuter version of it. It is the dead bear cub that the youngest uses as a teddy bear in the movie. This will probably be carried around by one of us at the premier or it will be used to decorate the cave side of the lobby.

I was blown away by Sarai's creations and had to know more. I asked her if she'd provide a little back-story. Does she work for DreamWorks? Does she work for the theater hosting the US premier? Or is she just an extremely crafty, Geppetto-like toy maker hoping for a miracle that will change her handiwork into REAL mousephants and crispy bears?

The answer: None of the above!

No, I don't work for DreamWorks. I work at a movie theater and The Croods is this quarter's movie promotion. We decorate the theater, dress up, have different groups come in, and hold activities for the kids.

The elephant mice will probably be used in a bean bag toss type game, along with another animal that I have yet to decide on. lol! Crispy Bear will probably adorn a counter at the concession stand or be carried around by a manager or usher. I'm currently working on a turtle bird and Belt. One of the managers has requested that I make Belt for him to wear around.

Sounds like a cool theater! And here's the best part:

I'll be posting a lot more plushies and such before the movie comes out too.

I can't wait!

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