Friday, March 29, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Today's first piece of fan art is from Yami-shinen. It's so PRETTY...and PLAYFUL...and PRESONALITY-PACKED... (Help! I'm running out of positive P-words, and this pleasant portrait deserves PLENTY!) I love the little moment captured here. The affection that these three characters have for one another really shines through. I also adore the way that the watercolor pencils enhance the texture of the paper. It gives Yami-shinen's picture a very classy, old-timey, children's book feel, don't you think?

To view more of Yami-shinen's art, click here.

Next up, The Croods' critters by PatchLamb. There is nothing I am more envious of than an artist who can strip a design down to its essential elements, yet still retain all of the character and cuteness of the original. Yes, PatchLamb, I'm talking about YOU here. PatchLamb's version of the bearowl is a masterpiece of symmetry and simplicity. It reminds me of the work of famed graphic artist, Charley Harper. I also admire the inspired choices she made for the feathers surrounding its face and its devilishly crooked grin. IT'S GREAT! And then, as if that weren't enough, PatchLamb goes and includes a super-cute version of Chunky the Death Cat. Look at the cleverness of the curled pose. Those perfectly placed polka-dots. And AGAIN with the stylish simplicity. WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?!

To view more of PatchLamb's art, click here.

Lovely. DELIGHTFUL. Delicate. DREAMY. These are just a few of the words that popped into my head the first time I saw TheTeaMaker's drawing of Eep. It also made me think of the shojo comics of Naoko Takeuchi (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon). Both Takeuchi and TheTeaMaker have a flair for imbuing their characters with an elegant femininity and youthful self-assurance. The bold, pop-art background only enhances the piece, bringing out Eep's orange hair and emerald-colored eyes. If DreamWorks ever decides to release a Croods manga, TheTeaMaker should get first crack at the character designs!

To view more of TheTeaMaker's art, click here.

While we're on the subject of making comics, allow me to introduce you to the work of fourteen year old comic book creator, Arion D. Rashad. Yes, you read that right: Arion is the FOURTEEN YEARS OLD and the creator of EIGHT self-published comic books. Makes you feel kinda lazy, don't it? But hey, don't hold that against Arion. Judging from his drawing of the Croods, the kid is BURSTING with style, energy, and a GREAT sense of humor. I mean, just look at poor Grug. While he runs around screaming in pain, his daughters are cracking up laughing! Cruel? Yes. But also HILARIOUS!

To view more of Arion's art, click here.
To peruse and/or purchase Arion's comic books, click here.


  1. Hi Ju-osh. Thx 4 writing about my drawing of the "Crood" prank! I never know if my stuff is good enough, so it feels good when someone like you has positive feedback!

    Arion of Mii Toons Comics

    1. Allow me to go a little further:

      You have a nice, loose, energetic style. That's a quality that can't be taught. In fact, you could probably argue that it could be UN-taught. NEVER LOSE IT.

      I also love the spontaneity of your characters' faces and poses. No two are alike. Every limb is doing it's own thing -- they're not blandly stiff or mirror-imaged. The same goes for your facial expressions. Looking at them, I get the feeling that you are mentally 'acting out' the scene as you are drawing it. THIS IS ONE OF THE BIG SECRETS TO GREAT CARTOONING. Keep it up!

      If you've never read John K.'s blog (he's the cartoonist who created Ren & Stimpy), you may want to poke around there. Your wild style is EXACTLY the type of cartooning that John K. is always trying to teach. I think that some of his philosophies (although occasionally heavy-handed) could help you to put the final polish on your already accomplished cartooning.