Friday, March 22, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Today's first piece of fan art comes from James Lien. It's his hyper-stylized take on Eep. While the simplified shapes, 'flat' coloring, and blocky pose are reminiscent of the classic UPA cartoons, James also managed to bring a futuristic flair to this drawing with his subtle use of CG shading.

I really dig the rawness of his Eep. James is one of the few artists who made the wild and dangerous cavegirl look like...well, a wild and dangerous cavegirl! Oh, and Eep's crooked eyes and exaggerated overbite? They make this one unforgettable image!

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Next up, a delightfully loose drawing of Chunky the macawnivore by Kendra Meder. This pic has got it all -- great colors, a perfect pose, a fanciful facial expression and a wholly unique drawing style. Still, what wows me most about this pic is what it DOESN'T display, yet somehow IMPLIES. It's that ever-elusive bit of artistic magic that even the grand masters sometimes missed: While looking at Kendra's drawing of Chunky, you find yourself imagining what the macawnivore is thinking. On some sub-conscious level, Kendra's made you believe that a DRAWING of a MAKE-BELIEVE CRITTER is alive and capable of rational thought! Utterly amazing.

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This next sketch is a best-selling beach towel waiting to be printed. Think about it. Wouldn't it be cool to walk up and down the beach with this wrapped around your waist? I AGREE!

Artist Kiersten Toye has distilled EVERYTHING that is adorable about Belt into this one deceptively simple drawing. Look at that stripped-down shape. Those complimentary colors. That shaggy fur. Those GLISTENING GREEN EYES. It's all too cute! Nice, nice, nice.

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Okay, so this is kismet. I couldn't have planned it any better. Today's last piece of fan art -- i.e. THE LAST PIECE OF FAN ART THAT I WILL BE POSTING BEFORE I SEE THE CROODS -- is by the same gal who contributed the FIRST piece of fan art to this blog's FIRST Fan Art Friday post: Cody the Maverick. Cody's animated 'favicon' of Chunky the macawnivore has graced this blog's tab for over a year. I LOVE IT. And now...gosh, I'm getting a little emotional just posting this...well, this morning Cody sent me the above drawing with following comment:

"I drew you a Chunky for this special day!"

"Special day," indeed! Thanks, Cody. That was incredibly sweet!

To see more of Cody's art (and her obsession with Wreck-It Ralph), click here.

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  1. You. Are. Awesome. Thank you!!!!