Friday, March 15, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Okay, so this week's a whopper. We could fill a whole loop at the Guggenheim with the amount of quality stuff pouring in. Just look at all of these great pieces of fan art. CROODS MANIA IS IN FULL SWING!

First up, Barry Johnson's crazy-eyed close-up of Chunky the macawnivore. If DreamWorks ever releases a line of super-sized firecrackers, they oughta slap this drawing on the wax paper packaging. I know I'd risk losing a few fingers for something this cool!

To view more of Barry's artwork, click here.

Next up, ANOTHER CHUNKY! On The Spot's pencil sketch captures a cute moment between the wild and wooly beast and everyone's favorite feral child, Sandy. I don't know if it's Chunky's cross-eyed stare or his raised paws pose, but THIS KITTEN IS KILLING ME! Super sweet stuff.

To view more of On The Spot's art, click here.

You see what's happening here, don't you? Chunky the macawnivore is quickly overtaking Adventure Time, Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes as the internet fan artist's subject of choice. Will this trend last long enough to warrant a giant, inflatable balloon in the Macy's Day Parade? (Heck, I'd even settle for a one day re-working of the Google logo!) Hells nope. Folks is fickle. Still, it least it brought us Kade's magical portrait of Chunky. What a treat! This is one of those drawings that appears loose and unplanned until you look a little closer and see that every line, every loop, every splotch of color is PERFECTLY PLACED. Natural talent, they call it. And Kade's got it in spades.

Is it too late to hire Kade to do the Little Golden Books version of The Croods?

To see more of Kade's arte, click here.

Switching things up subject-wise is Heather Bloss and her drawing of Eep. Have you ever read the comic book, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World by Bryan Lee O'Malley? Heather's drawing style reminds me of O'Malley's. They both excel at a similarly pared-down, black and white, manga-influenced style of cartooning. They also share the unique gift of being able to portray A LOT of emotion using a very limited amount of facial expression. Look at the longing in Eep's eyes. It'd be heart-breaking if it wasn't so soulful. I also dig the subtle effect of the wind passing through Eep's hair. Very moody. Very mysterious. Very memorable.

To view more of Heather's art, click here.

Holy heck this is FANTASTIC! I love it. The colors, the composition, the characters' expressions...EVERYTHING. If they make a second Croods comic book, this should be the cover. It would leap off the rack. This thing is a 2D theme park ride for the eyes. I've looked at it every day for a week -- just WAITING to be able to post it -- and lemme tell you...IT NEVER GETS OLD. Oh my gosh. In my excitement over this thing, I totally forgot to tell you the artist's name: Matthew Benham. Matthew Benham, Matthew Benham, Matthew Benham. Guy is GOOD.

To view more of Matthew's art, click here.

It only takes a quick glance at KnightJJ's widescreen portrait of Guy and Eep to see that this dude should be working in the animation industry. This digital painting would fit PERFECTLY into the preproduction section of The Art of The Croods. It's got it all -- an imaginative environment, a creative color scheme, and the suggestion of a storyboard sequence yet to be written. Look a little closer and you'll see something else hidden in this picture. CHUNKY THE MACAWNIVORE STRIKES AGAIN!

To see more of KnightJJ's art (DreamWorks, I'm talking to you!), click here.


  1. I Found more Art of Croods concepts :)

    1. Thanks for forwarding me the link! Yeah, these are just a handful of the GORGEOUS pictures to be found in The Art of The Croods. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I just realized you featured one of my Croods sketches. Thanks a lot! I wish it was more then just a sketch(my fingers have been itching to draw more Croods fanart), but I'm thrilled to have my style compared to Bryan's work 'Scott Pilgrim'!

    1. Thanks for drawing it! It's wonderful!

  3. I'm in love with Kade's and Matthew Benhams fanart, oh my god is it gorgeous and adorable