Friday, March 1, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Today's first piece of fan art comes courtesy of Alison Hawkins (a.k.a. HeroOfZeros). It's a personality-packed portrait of Guy and Belt. What a deep-hued bit of beauty, eh? The background blues were perfectly chosen. They're so rich, they remind me of that magic time on a summer night when the sun has gone down, but the darkness has yet to fully take hold. And just look at the adoration in Guy's eyes as he glances down at his "cook, conversationalist and navigator." That is the look of eternal friendship, and it's SO DAMNED CUTE! Oh, and Belt? CG painted to perfection.

To view more of Alison's art, click here.

This next piece of fan art is from Cyndy (a.k.a. cynder401). It's an anthropomorphic re-imagining of The Croods' two teen stars, Guy and Eep. I LOVE how Cyndy managed to COMPLETELY change the characters' physical attributes, but was still able to make them instantly recognizable through a creative reworking of their clothes, hairstyles and color schemes. Turning Guy's boots into gray-haired hind legs was GENIUS. I also dig how Cyndy turned Guy's necklace into a collar. A seemingly simple tweak, but I never would've thought of it! Hmn...I wonder, do dog breeders take requests? I WANT A PAIR OF PUPS LIKE THESE!

To view more of Cyndy art, click here.


  1. This footage is supposed to be from a game by Rovio but from looking at it, I never would have know. Regardless, it's awesomely funny.

    1. Crazy! You must've been sending this to me while I was posting it.


      What if we're twins who separated at birth? What if this is our one shot at a family reunion? What if all of this is happening on a blog dedicated to a cartoon that's all about keeping a family together, but we're both too excited by new images and info to ever walk away from our computers long enough to meet face to face?

      Our mom and dad would be so disappointed...


    Oh no, please don't tell anyone about my OCD on this movie (as if anyone doesn't already know - haha. But it's alright because the professionals are telling I'll be cured of this on March 22nd (or sooner hopefully).

  3. Another day, another TV spot. All of these spots are very similar to one another except for some little detail. Like you said, someone will eventually splice together parts of these trailers/tv spots and make a copy of the movie.