Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craving More Croods Merch? Head Overseas!

You've bought the books. You've rounded up the plush critters. You even went ahead and purchased those ho-hum Mattel toys because...well, y'know, just cuz -- YET YOU STILL CRAVE MORE?! Well, dust off your passport, because if you're looking to purchase the rest of the 'official' Croods merch, you've got some cross-continental traveling to do.

First stop, Australia. Don't forget to pack a few rolls of Tums, because you're going to be eating a lot of McDonalds food if you intend to get all TEN HAPPY MEAL TOYS in the expanded Aussie line. Then it's off to dreary olde England! That's where you'll enter to win the CROODS PRIZE PACK containing the maze game, door hangers, bouncy ball, magnets, keyring, digital watch, alarm clock and skateboard.

If all of that doesn't tide you over 'til the sequel, I fear your next trip will be here.


  1. Your hilarious !! But honestly what's going on with merchandising ? You can't find anything at major department stores with exception of Toys R Us fisher price stuff(which I don't understand bc personally I think the age range on this movie is older than those fisher price toys) And then there's the plush line which some are cute but others are lacking in design & quality. Isn't merchandising a big money making area?? I know I'm bitching and I'm sorry. But I feel so passionate about the movie & art of Chris Sanders that I enjoy adding things to my collection. And it's always been difficult to locate Stitch stuff that I was hoping this would be better merchandised. Even How To Train Your Dragon you could find things at Walmart like bedding, toys etc. On the plus side my Art of The Croods book should be here soon.
    Thanks for everything you do to keep us updated. I hope you continue this page and evolve as he starts on his next projects.

    1. Oh and I won one of those talking Belt plushes and I was literally screaming like a 2yr old....sadly I'm 28. Lol but he will be added to my collection & loved. Do you own any of the Disney Big Fig Stitch statues??

    2. Sarah, you and I are so alike it's not even FUNNY! I'm scratching my head at the miniscule amount of merchandise released. I mean, sure, the toy-makers could NEVER have known that The Croods would turn out to be a #1 MOVIE at the box office, but you think they still might've taken the risk on a decent line of NON-toddler-aged toys and a large, on-model Chunky plush or two. Who knows, though? Maybe DreamWorks has spent this past week signing stacks of licensing deals in the wake of the film's success. That would be cool.

      And the 'Art of The Croods' book? You're going to LOVE it. Seriously. It's great as a coffee table page-flipper, but when you get to actually SIT AND READ it? So, so much better. Here's my advice: Set aside an afternoon, brew a pot of tea, make a batch of your favorite cookies and SAVOR the experience. You won't regret it!

      (Oh, and as for the big-fig statues? No, I don't own any. But a few years ago I bought a small 4 or 5 inch ceramic Stitch that is the perfect blend of old-timey nick-knack and Chris Sanders art. Here's someone else's photo of it: