Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christophe Lautrette Sketches: The Croods

More great art unleashed! This time it's from Croods production designer Christophe Lautrette. I did my first Croods Crew profile on Lautrette way back in February of 2012. I'd tried to interview him for it, but got stonewalled by DreamWorks' strict lips-zipped policy. So that profile piece? It ended up being just a bunch of info I'd read on IMDB, along with some guesswork and unsubstantiated imaginings. Didn't matter. Folks loved Lautrette's art so much that it instantly became one of this blog's most popular posts!

Fast-forward thirteen months. DreamWorks has called off their Croods crew gag orders. I'm posting this in hopes that Lautrette will see it and email me about finally doing that interview. (Hey, if Twitter can start and stop political uprisings, the least that Blogger can do is act as my Croods-themed Craigslist.) Until then, folks can quell their Lautrette longings via his blog, Les dessins de Lautrette. It's a mini museum of his super-cartoony art.

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  1. These are being sold on eBay. I ran across them the other day.