Friday, March 15, 2013

Chris Sanders on Eep's Missing Makeover Scene

Renita Naraine: Eep has a great personality, she isn’t necessarily a typical beauty. While watching, I thought she would have some sort of physical transformation. I was surprised and happy that she didn’t—it was empowering. Why did you choose to do it like that?

Chris Sanders: You know, that’s funny you should say that because at one point, a big part, we always had a little index card up on the wall and when we were outlining and pitching it to people, we were like, “Okay, the makeover scene…” And it was something you held on to, but it was something as we went through, it just didn’t seem natural because for the makeover we really wanted to say it was their frame of mind, it’s their outlook that was changed.

Renita Naraine's interview with Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco is brief, but full of great questions. To read it, click here.


  1. Well, I went and left a comment there because this is a topic that makes me super feisty...and boy, did I like that question and that answer.

    1. I agree. It's one of those quotes where you literally find yourself holding your breath as you're reading it, and then when you get to the part where Sanders says, "it just didn't seem natural..." you let out an audible sigh of relief.

      I mean, CAN YOU IMAGINE?!