Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carter Goodrich Sketches: The Croods

From my review of The Art of The Croods:

Carter Goodrich seems to work mostly in pencil. Scribbling layer upon layer of loose, lyrical lines, Goodrich creates gloriously grotesque caricatures teeming with body hair and a Pigpen-like aura of filth. His work is textbook timeless. It wouldn't look out of place in a 1960's underground comic, yet it could also be featured in a 2023 exhibition of experimental animation. Think of the most metal kid in your junior high school. Give him the drawing ability of Da Vinci circa The Vitruvian Man. Now let him scrawl all over your math book for the duration of detention. The end result would look something like Goodrich's deliriously devilish doodles.

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