Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Random Assortment of Loose Links

NBC Latino has a nice profile piece on The Croods' lead lighting artist, William Arias. In it, Arias describes the responsibilities of a lead lighting artist, his favorite part of making The Croods, and the 1982 film that inspired him to work in animation. Click here for the juicy details.

Chris Sanders has posted a video chronicling the 'round-the-world recording of the song Smash & Grab from The Croods. Not only will you get to watch the world famous USC marching band in action, you'll take a nice, long walk through Abbey Road Studios. Click!

Speaking of The Croods' score, Cinenerd has the FIRST review of the soundtrack. He gives the it an enthusiastic thumbs-up, singling out the tracks Piranhakeets, Turkey Fish Follies and Smash & Grab as especially good. Cinenerd also gives a brief bio of The Croods' composer, Alan Silvestri, who he obviously adores.

Studio System News has a GRRREAT interview with The Croods' producers, Jane Hartwell and Kristine Belson. The svelte Hollywood heavyweights share insights and anecdotes about everything from The Croods' conception to its casting to the last-minute video game tie-ins.
If you only click one link, make it this one. delivers what is EASILY the most educational and erudite article about The Croods thus far. Heck, just look at the title: The Science Of  The Croods: How Dreamworks Brings Mathematical Efficiency To The Creative Business Of Filmmaking. Yeah, and subheading isn't any less intimidating: "Former Oxford Professor Lincoln Wallen discusses how algorithms and process protocols are used in the creative world of animated filmmaking." That said, if my Croodacious-era cranium can make its way through the article, yours can, too.

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