Monday, February 4, 2013

Wanna See Some New Footage? Grab A Phone!

DreamWorks has followed up their super-successful 'living one-sheet' campaign with another technological twist on the traditional movie poster. It's called The DreamWorks Animation Augmented Reality app. After downloading the FREE app, all's you have to do is hold your phone over any DreamWorks movie poster. You'll automatically be treated to a brief bit of film footage. The app not only works on posters hanging in theaters, it also works on those you find online!

Go on, try it out on the six character posters above. All but Eep's show an as-yet-unseen clip from the film. Pretty cool, eh? And to think, your grandparents parents slightly older brothers and sisters used to have to IMAGINE what an upcoming movie was going to look like. SUCKERS!

Click here to download the FREE DreamWorks Animation Augmented Reality app.

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