Monday, February 18, 2013

The Croods at Berlinale pt. 5:
The Rest of the Reviews

Remember that thoughtful and effusive review of The Croods that I posted last week? The one written by the Italian film reviewer, Federico Gironi? That was awesome, wasn't it? Gironi called The Croods "the new standard-bearer for DreamWorks Animation." He said it was a "progression in the way that animated films tell their stories." Dude flat-out LOVED it!

Germany's also gave The Croods a rave review. They rated it 5 out of 6 stars, saying:

There are many beautiful ideas, slanted characters and lovable animals [...] to admire here. [...] With all the vividness of the film, I was sometimes surprised by its absolute silence, which is rather unusual for an animated film.

It really is great fun to watch the Croods with all their endearing quirks and the whimsical environment in which they find a new home. My natural reaction was to not quit gazing. There are too many beautiful things to be discovered and, above all, to laugh at heartily.

Sounds GREAT, right?

Well, I want you to try and keep these positive words in mind as you scroll through the rest of today's review round-up. This next batch is a little less loving. In fact, a few of these reviews are downright downers.

I seriously considered not posting them. Up 'til now, this blog has been 100% positive in regards to The Croods. Hell, with the exception of my forgetting to ask Chris Sanders for a sketch of Stitch, it's been 100% positive about damned near EVERYTHING. Is that all that the readers of this blog want to read? I don't know. But I do know what I want to see when I go to a movie website. I want EVERYTHING -- the good, the bad and the ugly. Even if it's about something I love. No, make that: ESPECIALLY if it's about something I love. I actually PREFER to love something warts and all. If I can clearly see a film's flaws, if I can nod my head in agreement when someone I respect tells me their quibbles with a film that I adore, if I can face the harsh reality that a film is not only 'not perfect' but seriously flawed and I STILL LOVE IT? Then I know that my love for that movie is pure. Unshakable. Unreasonable. (Like love itself!) I know that I will cherish that movie forever.

So here they are. The not-so-effusive reviews. Read them quickly or don't read them at all, the choice is yours. I find that I disagree with the critics far more often than I agree with them, so these reviews won't really do much to dampen my excitement for the film. That said, their negative nit-pics WILL rattle around my head for the next few weeks, possibly interfering with my total immersion while watching the movie. This is the ONE THING that I wish I could've somehow prevented. But it's not too late for you! If you want an unadulterated viewing of The Croods, DO NOT CLICK THESE LINKS.

The Croods will be released in less than a month. We'll all decide for ourselves what we think of the film then. But until March 22 finally arrives, just remember: Right now, at this very moment, some very smart critic hates something you love. The same thing may turn out to be true with The Croods. How cool would that be?

Still here? Okay, then. Here are the links:

The Hollywood Reporter


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