Friday, February 15, 2013

The Croods at Berlinale pt. 2:
Random Photos, YouTube Footage & A Nic Cage Quote

Extra special thanks to Janin Reinhardt for snapping these GREAT photos of the Croods crew attending this year's Berlinale Film Festival.

Pictured in the top photo, from left to right: producer Jane Hartwell; German language voice actors Kostja Ullmann, Janin Reinhardt & Uwe Ochsenknecht; English language voice actors Nicolas Cage & Emma Stone; co-directors Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders; producer Kristine Belson.

If you don't automatically recognize everyone in the next three photos, SHAME ON YOU.

Nic Cage on The Croods:

"When I saw the family, my first thought was, 'Gee, I hope I do not look like them!'"

Via: The Dülmener Zeitung

Red Carpet Footage, Press Conference Clips & A Guy In A Belt Suit

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