Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lost In The Supermarket: Cereal Box Trading Cards

I search the internet looking for new Croods news.

I scour the toy stores hunting down new Croods toys.

Now I've gotta run around the grocery store tracking down specially-marked boxes of General Mills cereals?!

These are the burdens of the unofficial blogger. But there ARE benefits. For one thing, who doesn't love Cocoa Puffs? They turn your boring, old, white milk into chocolate milk! And if you're the sort of sugar-addict who STARTS with chocolate milk? You get to finish each and every well-balanced breakfast slurping a thick, cocoa, soupe froide from your favorite plastic cereal bowl. That's damned near a water-to-wine miracle in my book!

Then there are the obvious, as-advertised benefits: Six cut-'em-yourself cardboard trading cards. Featuring a half dozen of the Croods' critters, you may die of cuteness-overload long before the Cocoa Puffs-related diabetes, clogged arteries and heart disease ever get the chance to kill you.

Well, that's it for today. There's a rumor going around that DreamWorks is partnering with a fast food chain for a line of kids meal tie-ins. So now I'm off to drive through countless drive-thrus looking for tiny toys that smell like horse meat and french fries. THIS IS THE LIFE!

Photos clipped from Battlegrip and Trading Card Space

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