Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let The Games Begin Continue!

This is the internet's equivalent of the Tooth Fairy deal:

Late last night I posted a set of sub-par Croods games. This morning I woke up to find Michael Martinez' comment pointing me towards FOUR GOOD GAMES -- on The Croods' official website!

While Maze Mania, Punch Monkey Mayhem, Paint By Number and Memory Madness may never replace chess as the Ivy League's favorite frivolity, I could easily see myself wasting 15 minutes racing through them, looking for images of new critters or tidbits of Croods trivia. (Yes to new critters, no to trivia tidbits.)

What's more, while the Wu-Tang Clan may swear by chess' strategy-building side-effects, when has chess ever awarded anyone free, downloadable, 'Keep Out/Come In' door hangers? NEVER, that's when. And they call it 'the game of kings.' Ha!

Click here to play.


  1. Speaking of links, I just recently found 2 new Prehistoric Fails on the Movies`s facebook page. :)