Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey, I Met These Guys!

Here's a sweet shot of Croods directors Chris Sanders and Kirk De Micco. They're either having a great time in the recording studio, or someone is just off-camera tickling their feet. Or both! Truth be told, it doesn't matter. Here's what I want to know: When was the last time YOU smiled like that...AT WORK?

Here's ANOTHER great photo of ANOTHER smiling member of the Croods crew. This time, it's DreamWorks' online marketing wiz, Kristen. If you made it through my long and rambling travelogue, My Dream Trip To DreamWorks, you may remember Kristen as the gal who made it all possible. I owe her FOREVER. (Hmn...perhaps I should start making it up to her by defending her honor. Looks like that cardboard sloth is beginning to get fresh!)

This pic comes from animator Jim Hull's photostream. It's a couple of homemade badges featuring The Croods' supervising animator (and the pencil behind Belle!), James Baxter. The photo's caption reads, "Wrapped production on Croods today. Hands down best experience in years, top three career-wise."

Damn. I need to seriously consider a career change...

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