Friday, February 8, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Today's first piece of fan art comes from Brenda (a.k.a. Tenaciousdiva). It's an eye-catching action shot of Eep swinging Tarzan-style through the trees. I LOVE the wood-burn style of piece. It gives it that extra bit of exoticism and adventure, and sorta looks like something that the Croods might've drawn on the walls of their cave!

The leaves rushing past and the smoldering volcano in the background are also great touches. It's details like these that make the piece feel like a brief glimpse of a bigger story. If 'Brenda' turns out to be the online alias of a pre-production artist at DreamWorks, and this drawing shows up in the Art of The Croods book, I will NOT be surprised.

To view more of Brenda's art, click here.

This next drawing delights me for three reasons:

1. It's Croods fan art with a Valentine's Day theme. I have an obvious affinity for these.

2. It's undeniably adorable. From the over-sized head and paws to the bulbous limbs to the wide-eyed facial expression, this saber-tooth is a study in cartoon cuteness. The little mousey character peeking up from behind the rock Valentine (more cartoon cuteness!) is nothing to sneeze at, either. Heck, it looks like Chris Sanders himself drew it! 

3. This is the THIRD piece of Croods fan art from my Tumblr homie, Zach. (To see the first two, click here and here.) It's been fun watching him fine-tune his drawing skills over the past six months. He started off strong. Now he's looking like a natural. I sure hope he remembers me when he goes pro!

To view more of Zach's art, click here.

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