Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Music From The Trailers -- Revealed!

You've watched the trailers. You've heard the music cues. Now hear the songs in their entirety!

First up, the first trailer. The opening music here is a 35 second excerpt of Ocean Dreams by Jonathan Geer. While I could not find a YouTube video for this song (bad news), I did locate Geer's website, and he was kind enough to provide me with an MP3 of it (good news). Unfortunately, blogger does not easily allow MP3s to be posted (bad news), but Tumblr does (good news). So, please -- go to our Tumblr to hear this track! While you're out and about, check Square Enix Music Online's interview with Geere. In it, Geer is repeatedly referred to as "one of indie game music's rising stars." What a coincidence! I'm one of movie blogging's aimlessly drifting asteroids!

Fading in at the 1:27 mark is the gorgeous Sinking Friendships from Sigur Rós' lead singer, Jónsi. Fans of Chris Sanders may recognize Jónsi as the fella behind Sticks & Stones, the song that plays over the end credits of How To Train Your Dragon. But did you know that Dean DeBlois -- co-director of How To Train Your Dragon and Lilo & Stitch -- directed the Sigur Rós tour documentary, Heima? Synergy!

Sinking Friendships originally appeared on Jónsi's debut solo album, Go.

The rousing instrumental score that appears around 2:25 is Lexicon by Mark Petrie. Talk about motivational! A quick scan of this song's YouTube comments reveals it to be a favorite at gymnastics competitions. Perhaps Eep practices her primitive parkour to this?

(Doctor's Warning: One listen to Lexicon equals two Adderall.)

Next up, the the second trailer. The acoustic strumming that kicks off this trailer is lifted from the opening of Crystal Fighter's pretty and propulsive Plage. I won;t lie. I had a lot of trouble tracking this one down. Then, like a ray of light in the darkness, commenter zosoph gifted me with all of the info. Thanks, zosoph!

The summer-sounding pop song that kicks in at roughly 1:35 is Follow the Sun by Evermore. Personally, it's not my cuppa. That said, every time I saw this trailer play in the theater, it was the arrival of THIS SONG that really seemed to energize the audience. Maybe I'm just jaded.

This untiringly upbeat little ditty first appeared on Evermore's fifth album, Follow the Sun.

In the international version of the second trailer, Follow the Sun was inexplicably replaced with On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. Much like Follow the Sun, On Top of the World is a candy-coated earworm hellbent on giving you laughlines and laryngitis with its relentless positivity and catchy-as-the-flu chorus. Three plays in, and my face hurts from trying not to smile. Dammit, why am I even trying to resist?!

On Top of the World first graced the world via Imagine Dragons's Continued Silence EP, then in the video game, Fifa Soccer 2013

This week's 30 second TV spot kept it simple. One song. Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra. Depending on your age and interests, you may know this as the song that opened Kubrick's 2001, the music that Elvis used as his intro for his Aloha From Hawaii concert, or the Buzz Lightyear bit from Toy Story 2. Strong, long and seemingly never-ending, I'm surprised Viagra never used this in an advert.

There are still a few musical cues that I cannot identify. The acoustic guitar piece that opens both versions of the second trailer, for instance. Does anyone know who did this? If so, please drop me a note in the comments section. You will be paid in praise!


  1. There is a UK trailer which features the song 'Plage' by Crystal Fighters.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll try and track it down. :)

  2. I believe it to be the song at the beginning of the second trailer. Hope this helped!

    1. I added it to the appropriate spot. Thanks so much for doing all of the hard work for me. I really do appreciate it!

  3. its hard to find "Ocean Dreams" by Jonathan Geer, but hey you did it. Thanks