Friday, January 18, 2013

Fan Art Friday

The pretty pictures keep pouring in! Today's fan art -- and this site's first 'traditional' pencil sketch -- is from Zuider Zee (a.k.a. BecDeCorbin). I . AM. IMPRESSED. Zuider managed to keep Eep's inherent cartooniness in tact while adding a bit of 'real life' to her. Her eyes, cheeks and the area where her neck meets her chest, in particular, really make this sketch come alive. And the way Zuider kept Eep's hand almost entirely white gives the whole thing a magical, almost 3D feel.

Remember that video for A-ha's Take On Me, the one where the comic book comes to life and sucks the girl reading it inside? It looks like Eep is about to pull the viewer into her own 80s pop promo.

To view more of Zuider Zee's art, click here.

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