Friday, January 11, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Today's first piece of fan art is from Sarah. Let me just get this out of the way up front: The look on the saber-tooth tiger's face is TO DIE FOR. It's so cute! The swirling, saturated blues are something else, too, don't you think? They really give the impression of a thick, furry pelt.

I really like how Sarah re-imagined the film's cartoon critters as their real world counterparts. This is just how they'd look in a 90s Disney cartoon! That piranha/parrot, in particular, reminds me of a character from another film Chris Sanders worked on -- The Lion King's Zazu. Wonderful!

To view more of Sarah's art, click here.

This next piece of fan art comes courtesy of Queesting. This one is so full of energy, so full of can almost FEEL the excitement emanating off of Eep! The facial expression Queesting gave Eep is FANTASTIC. It's hilarious, yet life-or-death -- quite a complicated combo of conflicting emotions!

I also love the pose. Queesting has perfectly captured Eep's wild and adventurous spirit. This is clearly the same Eep we've seen scaling cliffs, fleeing feathered monsters and freaking out over her first pair of shoes. In fact, if someone had told me that this was from a storyboard used during production, I'd have totally believed 'em.

To view more of Queesting's art, click here.

Update: In a recent deviantART exchange with Queesting, she revealed that she'll be dressing up as Eep for an upcoming convention. Croods cosplay -- how cool is that?!

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