Friday, January 4, 2013

Fan Art Friday

Today's first piece of fan art comes courtesy of Camila. It's a slightly more realistic take on everybody's favorite Croods critter, the saber-tooth tiger!

The deep, saturated colors that Camila used are GORGEOUS. I glance at 'em for even a second and I immediately get entranced by their hypnotic hues. Oh, and those dark circles around the saber-tooth's eyes really add an element of unpredictability, don't they? Is he a man-eating carnivore looking to make me his next meal, or just really, really tired? Either way, I think I'll keep my distance!

To view more of Camila's art, click here.

Next up is Carly's drawing of the DreamWorks dreamboats: Hiccup, Guy & Jack. This one is gonna get lots of love on Tumblr, I can promise you that! One look at this Holy Trinity of CG hotties and their affiliated fandoms will crash the internet with their furious re-blogging.

Before that happens, though, let me say how much I love the poses Carly put them in. It's a great group shot, and you can easily see each of their individual personalities in her deceptively simple designs. Cute, cute, cute!

To view more of Carly's art, click here.

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