Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ay Dios Mío! Una fotografía de la carroza Los Croods

Saturday's traditional Epiphany Parade in Madrid had at least one noticeably non-traditional element in it. A Croods float. A HUMUNGOUS Croods float.

According to Wikipedia, children in Spain traditionally receive their Christmas presents on Jan. 6, the day The Three Wise Men were said to have visited the baby Jesus. Madrid's Epiphany Parade is the country's nationally televised kick-off to the festivities. (Think: The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, only on Christmas Eve.) Pretty cool concept, eh? I mean, I'm not a particularly religious fellow, but ANYTHING that extends Christmas by almost two weeks is a-okay with me!

Float photo courtesy of Demotix

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  1. Hey Ju-osh, I know you've linked to a few reviews on the site but I'm not really sure if this one of them. If you've seen it already then please disregard. It's not a lengthy review but the person said it was fun and that's good enough for me.