Friday, December 7, 2012

We Interrupt This Blogging Vacation (For The Last Time, I Swear!) To Bring You The International Trailer

Commenter Bob and Raghda Zaher are no doubt familiar to this blog's regular readers. Commenter Bob is a fount of found links, while Raghda keeps the comments section percolating with pep and positivity. Today, though, they've taken their all-star status to a whole new level -- they've been officially knighted as like-it-or-not-guest-bloggers.

First off, Commenter Bob. Early this morning he sent me a link to the 'International' version of the new Croods trailer, with the recommendation, "There are a few differences between the International trailer and the domestic one. You should check it out." The only problem? YouTube refused to let me watch it from my privileged position in the USA. When I asked Commenter Bob if he would list a few of the differences, he pulled a classic Bob and took it to some next level ish:

"I'll gladly describe the trailer but I think it'll be better if everyone gets to see the trailer themselves so I decided to upload the video so others can see it."

Enter Raghda. Even before I had a chance to view the trailer, she'd already prepared an extensive list of the differences between the US and International versions. Then, just cuz she's awesome, she went ahead and made a dozen screenshots of the new footage. Here's her descriptions along with the pics:

Whoa!!! More like plenty of differences!! Have some screenshots!

Eep's reaction when Guy first appears:

Guy introducing more about Belt: says he's a cook, conversationless navigator and keeps his pants up.

For a cute close up of Belt, click here.

Guy says he can help them. (He looks tied up to me.)

Guy and Eep. She says, "We can do it" -- as in, cross the rocks path. 

Then Grug says, "Yeah, the Croods stick together," and Eep was like:

Then Grug was like, "Except you two!" and pushes them apart. I thought that was hilarious.

Two more shots from this moment are here and here.

Guy and Eep's accidental...almost kiss

A whale-like creature swallowing them after mistaking it for a cave

Landscape and Granny saying, ''It's too long!''

Well, did my best. xD I want this movie now.

Thanks so much Bob and Raghda! I think I speak for everyone when I say, 'We're not worthy! We're not worthy!'

Oh, and next week? I've got some real nice surprises planned for you all. See you then!

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  1. i can not find the words to say how i feel :D

    Can't wait for the surprise!