Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 Posts of 2012

Here it is, our official year-end roundup. I know you're seeing a lot of these popping up around the net, but there's a very good reason for this: It's an easy, ego-stroking answer to every lazy blogger's hectic holiday schedule.

Listed below are this blog's ten most popular posts from 2012. As for the other 140 posts, well, if they weren't so ugly and awkward and unsociable, maybe they would've made the cut. Enjoy!

10. My Dream Trip To DreamWorks pt. 5: James Baxter -- The Pencil Behind Belle!

I spent an entire year -- and a couple of highly embarrassing blog posts -- detailing my adoration and admiration for Chris Sanders. So how come it was my unexpected encounter with animator James Baxter that made the internet finally sit up and take notice? CUZ FOLKS ARE CONTRARY.

9. We Interrupt This Blogging Vacation (For The Last Time, I Swear!) To Bring You The International Trailer

I tried to take ONE MEASLY WEEK off from blogging this year. ONE! And that's when DreamWorks decided to drop the second Croods trailer, forcing me out of my temporary retirement to type up a bunch of intros and reaction pieces. Then, just when I thought that I could return to my vagabond ways, DreamWorks went and released the 'international version' of the trailer. WERE THEY TRYING TO KILL ME?! Enter Commenter Bob and Raghda Zaher. Without even being asked, Bob and Raghda provided all of the text, screen-caps and video links for this piece. In doing so, they not only kept me from vacating my vacation, they helped me put together one of the most popular posts of the year. Thanks a million, you two!

8. My Dream Trip To DreamWorks pt. 2: An Early Arrival, A Light Lunch & A Bookcase Full Of Booze

I have no idea what made this particular chapter of my long and rambling trip report so popular. It suffers from the same lack of brevity, over-reliance on alliteration and needless inner-narrative as the other five installments. So what caused this one to connect? Perhaps it was the blurry photos. Perhaps it was the bookcase full of booze.

7. We Interrupt This Blogging Vacation Yet Again. Only This Time, It's For A NEW TRAILER!

Yet another example of that old credo, 'Wanna make God laugh? Take a blogging vacation.' On the plus side, this was the trailer that ignited the internet's interest in The Croods. Ever since this trailer was released, readership of this blog (and the Tumblr!) has been steadily climbing. If only I'd been smart enough to monetize this thing...

6. Here It Is! The Trailer! Right Here!

Ah, the first trailer. I had hoped for something good, but what we were given was something GREAT. Full of beauty, wonder and candy-colored critters, this is the trailer that turned me from a hopeful Chris Sanders fan into a firm believer in The Croods. To quote Commenter Bob, "The trailer was everything I thought it was going to be and maybe even more." Indeed.

5. An Incomplete History of Cartoon Cavemen

This was my first 'big' piece for the blog. It was an attempt to compile every caveman cartoon into one easy-to-read timeline, offering brief reviews and film clips from each. While I no doubt missed a couple million titles, I think it turned out pretty well. I mean, it's one of the few things I've written here that does NOT make me cringe when I re-read it. That's gotta count for something, right?

4. DreamWorks To Open Indoor Amusement Park

Is this ever really going to happen? Who knows! A DW theme park was scheduled to open this year in Dubai, but that clearly never occurred. Still, my crappy MS Paint illustration was fun to put together, and Katzenberg looks particularly badass in it.

3. New Croods Poster 'Captures the Imagination'

This poster still sucks me in every time I see it. Just when I think I've spotted every cute 'n' cuddly creature, up pops another one in the far right corner. Now if only someone would make a 'living one sheet' of THIS image...

2. 6 Strange Gifts for the Chris Sanders Fan Who Has (Almost) Everything

I credit raging hormones and curious fetishes with making this post such a hit. If you saw the amount of people who found this site by Googling "Stitch + vibrator," you would, too.

1. The Art of The Croods Available for Pre-Order

Yeah, I love this one, too. It's really nothing more than a release date and a book cover, but damn, WHAT A BOOK COVER! All hail Arthur Fong!


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    1. Thanks again for #9, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!