Friday, December 21, 2012

Fan Art Friday

The new Croods trailer is really connecting with audiences. How do I know this? Because it's been less than two weeks since the trailer premiered, and we already have THREE new pieces of fan art to share!

The first piece comes from Antonio Alfaro Patino. It's a FANTASTIC 2D reinterpretation of the seven main characters -- plus everyone's favorite, the saber-tooth tiger! Seriously, couldn't you just see these designs being used on a Saturday morning cartoon version of The Croods? I know I'd watch!

To see more of Antonio's art, click here.

This second piece is from Jay Epps. It's a loving little slice of cheesecake that wouldn't have seemed out of place on the side of a WWII bomber or in a 'Tijuana Bible' adaptation of The Croods. Call me crazy, but I do NOT think that this will be the last pin-up we see of Eep. Remember, though -- Jay's was first!

To see more of Jay's art, click here.

Last but not least is Stratoc's sharpie and colored pencil portrait of Belt. The colors, the background, Belt's Muppet-ish facial expression -- everything about this piece shouts 'PUT ME ON A T-SHIRT!' A few more things I L-O-V-E about this drawing? The glowing stars and the parrot's curious stare. Utterly charming!

To see more of Stratoc's art, click here.

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