Monday, November 5, 2012

Wanna Draw The Croods?

Do you stare longingly at our Fan Art Friday posts, wishing you could contribute, but scared that your skills are sub-scribble?

You're in luck! has begun posting a series of 'How To Draw The Croods' tutorials. Although they've only been at it a week, they've already completed tutorials for Grug, Eep, Guy, and Guy's sloth.

DragoArt's six step process is surprisingly simple. I reckon you could finish all four characters in less than an hour and two crayons. Once you feel comfortable with those, why not try tweaking them a little? Tilt Guy's head. Close Eeps' eyes. Dribble some drool down Grug's chin. Why, before you know it, you'll be animating your own hand-drawn, direct-to-DVD Croods sequels!

That said, don't forget to EMAIL ME YOUR DRAWINGS. Fame, riches and the respect of art critics everywhere is all well and good. But seeing your sketches in an upcoming installment of Fan Art Friday? That's the dream, innit?

Update: Since posting this, DragoArt has added tutorials for Ugga and the green saber-tooth tiger!


  1. Cool. I see this being very helpful to those interested in drawing.

    BTW, There is another trailer coming down the pike according to this link.

    1. You've done it again, old friend. Thanks so much. From what Chris Sanders said in his intro to the first trailer, this trailer's gonna focus on HUMOR. I figure it's also gonna introduce the Guy character.

      So, you wanna make a guess as to when this trailer will actually appear? The listing for the first Croods trailer appeared on the Alberta Film Commission's website 10-12 before its Wednesday, October 3rd release date. Do think this one will follow a similar schedule?

      My guess is November 14. This follows the 10-12 day A.F.C. delay, and is a li'l over a week before the release day of DreamWorks' Rise Of The Guardians. I mean, they have to theatrically premiere it in front of this flick, right?

  2. It'll definitely come out in front of Guardians so the 14th sound just about right.