Friday, November 16, 2012

Is There A Croods Comic Book In The Works?

While wandering the web, looking for new Croods stuff, I happened upon the blog of Argentinian comic book artist, Horacio Domingues. Posted there, without caption or click-thru, was an extremely large, exquisitely detailed portrait of The Croods. (The tiny reproduction attached here does NOT do it justice. Click here to open the full sized version.) Unable to wait for any 'official' word as to the portrait's back-story, I decided to jump to conclusions. Printed below is what my brain generously refers to as 'the mental math.'

FACT: Horacio Domingues is a comic book illustrator.

FACT: Horacio Domingues has worked on comic book adaptations and/or spin-offs of licensed properties such as Dr. Who and Voltron.

FACT: On October 31, Horacio Domingues posted an illustration of the cast and critters of The Croods. The web address for this illustration lists it as a "color sample."

HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE HYPOTHESIS: Horacio Domingues is illustrating a comic book adaptation and/or spin-off of The Croods.

Is this logic sound? Sorta. Is it infallible? Hells nope. So why would I even think of posting an unsubstantiated rumor that was started in my own head, a head which has time and time again proved to be the progenitor of bad ideas and worse actions, a head which only moments ago gave me the idiotic idea to talk about said head in the third person?

Cuz I love comic books and I’m excited about The Croods and a possible combination of the two is up there with such genius pairings as Ren & Stimpy and peanut butter & chocolate. Plus, isn’t there some mystical, New Age-y thing about saying things aloud that you want to come true? I figure typing them out has gotta have a similar effect. I mean, it couldn't hurt, could it?

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